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In the days of the cowboys and the Gunslingers, St. Joseph was considered by many to be the gateway to west. Where now lie several St. Joseph apartments, at one time walked some of the most famous figures in the Wild West, including the notorious outlaw Jesse James, who met his end at the hands of Robert Ford right inside the city limits. The Wild West is still alive in this heart of this town, which several museums and famous locations for St. Joseph apartment-ites to explore, as well as numerous other attractions that are sure to keep folks entertained.

St. Joseph has a rich history, at one time being the farthest point West you could reach in the early days of the United States, and the town features many museums and attractions to celebrate this heritage. For St. Joseph apartment-ites looking to learn a little something about one of the town's most famous residence, you can take a trip down to the Jesse James Home Museum, the very house in which the famous outlaw was killed, which has since turned into a monument to his life and deeds. The town was also one of the end points of the Pony Express, and apartment-ites can find out more about this service at the Pony Express Museums as well. The town has more than just history to please its St. Joseph apartment-ites however, with a spectacular community theater troupe, a wonderful ice arena, and a gorgeous park that is simply a must see for anyone living in the town.

St. Joseph is the town where the Wild West ended, in more ways than one, and the town will always be a testament to the lifestyle of the lone gunslinger. It's the perfect town for those St. Joseph apartment-ites who want relive the glory days of the Old West, while still taking in the thrills of modern day entertainment.

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